The First Tee of Los Angeles National School Program

The First Tee of Los Angeles uses the National School Program to introduce elementary school students to the game of golf. Physical educators are given an age-appropriate curriculum, training and easy to use, modified golf equipment to ensure that students have an introduction to the lifelong sport while learning basic golf motor skills and the inherent values of the game. The help ensure a successful program, The First Tee of Los Angeles offers additional resources such as supplemental teacher training, assisting with initial classes and partial/full scholarships to students completing an NSP unit who wish to explore the next stage of golf at one of our local green-grass golf facilities.

For additional information on the National School Program, check out the program brochure.

Program Objectives

  • Develop student appreciation for the positive personal and social values associated with the game with each lesson
  • Engage students in daily lesson activities that lead to motor skill development
  • Present golf to students as a lifelong recreation and physical fitness activity
  • Provide transition opportunities for students to continue their golf and character education lessons after-school and at programming locations

Bring Golf to YOUR School!

Would you like to bring this program to you elementary school? If so, follow these simple steps!

  1. Funding: The cost of bringing this program to you school is a one-time fee of $3,250 per school and will serve children for years to come. This one-time fee covers:
    • Equipment: the program uses specialty golf equipment that can be used safely in both indoor and outdoor settings. The equipment is called SNAG (Starting New At Golf) and more information can be found on the SNAG website. Here is a video of SNAG equipment in action:
    • Curriculum Manual: lesson plans and resource information created using the framework of the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) National Physical Education Standards.
    • Training: online training (at no additional cost) or in-person (at an additional cost) for participating physical education teachers.
  2. Contact The First Tee of Los Angeles: Please email Chris Steele at for more information about the sign-up process. To participate in the program, you will need to fill out an Individual School Agreement (ISA) for physical educators and principal to complete and sign.
  3. Complete Training: Physical Educators must complete training online (included with the cost of the program) or through in-person training (additional fee required)
    • Online training requires the physical educator to complete a 3-hour professional development session to become certified to deliver the program
    • In-person training is conducted in the community by one of The First Tee National School Program’s certified trainers. In-person training is $2,750 for 10-40 physical educators. Contact The First Tee Home Office for more information on in-person trainings.
  4. Receive Curriculum Manual & SNAG Equipment: You will receive both both the manual and SNAG equipment upon successful completion of:
    1. Payment or purchase order delivered to The First Tee of Los Angeles
    2. ISA signed by both the principal and physical educator and returned to The First Tee of Los Angeles
    3. Online or in-person training completed by the school’s physical educators